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Nike is a world class organization bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Kurieo has partnered with Nike for many years, designing and manufacturing customized, branded products for their events, NBA game-day giveaways, and community programs.

Until We All Win

Kurieo produced 24,000 t-shirts for Nike’s arena takeover and giveaway during a special Warrior’s game at Oracle Arena, to celebrate Black History Month.

Warriors: The Town

The Warriors donated a community basketball court to the city of Oakland, California to commemorate their 47 seasons in “The Town” before moving to San Francisco’s Chase Arena. They celebrated the opening with local youth groups in Oakland, and Kurieo was brought in to create a special t-shirt and posters, as well as capture the special day on video.

Drew League
Championship Hats

Nike’s Drew League in South Central Los Angeles is designed to help the youth of South Central LA and surrounding areas defy the stereotypes placed upon them. They aim to help young people form meaningful relationships and build an institution that brings local high school, college, and pro players back to the community. Kurieo was brought on to create the league’s 2019 championship hats.

KD “Again”
Championship Hat

After enormous success with Kevin Durant’s cupcake hat, Kurieo was asked to create another hat for the player to wear during the Warriors 2018 championship parade. The hat was part of Nike’s worldwide Kevin Durant campaign titled “Rise, Grind, Shine, Again.” The hat also signified Kevin Durant helping the Warriors to a back-to-back championship.

Do It For The Bay

During the 2017 NBA season playoff push, Nike began a campaign for Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors called “Do It For The Bay.” Nike SF drove a wrapped armor truck around the Bay Area and gave out t-shirts to lucky fans. This was also to help preview the release of Durant’s KD10 sneakers. Kurieo was brought on to produce the t-shirts and help pass out shirts to the Bay Area community. 

KD “Cupcake” Hat

Kevin Durant’s team came to us with the idea to do a hat in celebration of the Warriors’ 2017 Finals win. When KD left OKC people started calling him a cupcake, implying he was soft for leaving. Hearing this, Kurieo put together some sketches and ideas to create a hat that would make a statement to all of the haters. We took the negative and leaned in—utilizing it in our plan, we designed a cupcake. And we thought, what’s better than a cherry on top? A championship ring.


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© Kurieo 2020
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