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Sequoia Capital is a Silicon Valley giant. For nearly 50 years, they have funded countless startups, many of which have become the legendary companies that shape our world. With companies like PayPal, DropBox, Apple, and LinkedIn in their portfolio, Sequoia is a leader among VC firms, proving to be an exceptional partner from Idea to IPO, and beyond.

Kurieo was brought in to help Sequoia revamp their social media channels in an effort to connect more deeply with their audience. We created a brand new social media style guide, designed numerous high performing campaigns, and have introduced high-quality, engaging video to their social presence. We were able to meet their engagement goals within half of their expected timeline.

Instagram Style Guide

Kurieo built an extensive style guide, creating guidelines for voice, branding, photography usage, and social strategy. This guide was implemented into Sequoia’s official branding guide. Additionally, we utilized the new social media branding to create assets that catered to Sequoia’s initiatives and helped them reach their social media goals.

Founder Flashback

The Founder Flashback is a look back at how Sequoia’s founders and their companies have grown and evolved since first partnering with Sequoia. Kurieo works closely with Sequoia to create assets for the campaign, which is posted on all of their social media accounts.

Re:store Grand
Opening Video

Kurieo has helped implement video as a regular part of Sequoia’s online branding. This started with the launch of one of their founders’ stores, Re:store. Re:store is a shop in San Francisco that brings online brands to life, creating a community for discovery and connection, IRL.

International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Kurieo worked closely with Sequoia to design and produce a campaign to prominently feature Sequoia’s female founders. Our goals were centered on uplifting female founders’ voices, and to inspire women across the globe to see themselves as future founders. With that in mind, we created a stunning post featuring four founders, titled “Words of Wisdom for Future Founders”, in which current founders offer sage advice. The campaign went live on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with the content adjusted to optimize each platform.

International Womens Day

Sequoia LIVE

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Sequoia started a series of livestream discussions — a first for the VC firm — featuring the Sequoia partners and their portfolio companies’ founders. Kurieo created graphics native to each platform, to promote the live chats hosted on IGTV and LinkedIn Live.


Social Media Campaigns

Kurieo and Sequoia meet regularly to create innovative campaigns to feature on their social media platforms. We always design new projects to be aligned with Sequoia’s goals and OKRs so that we’re offering the highest level of value to the company, and to their audience.

International Womens Day

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© Kurieo 2020
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