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Graphic Design

Starbucks shares great coffee with millions of customers every day. Since they first began in Pike Place market in 1971, the company has grown to more than 30,000 stores in 80 markets across the globe. Their mission goes beyond serving exceptional coffee, to help make the world a little better — a trait we share at Kurieo.

Stand Together

In June 2020, Starbucks designed a t-shirt to symbolize unity with the Black community and the strength of standing together in the face of injustice. Because we consistently produce large orders in a short timeframe, they reached out to us for this important project. Kurieo produced 250,000 t-shirts, one for every Starbucks employee in North America. They shipped to 10k locations, and we did it all in under 25 days — nearly a week ahead of schedule. This was the largest and most intricate project of its kind for both Kurieo and Starbucks!

Black Partner Network Branding

We first partnered with Starbucks’ Black Partner Network to design and create a logo emblematic of their values, bond, and Starbucks pride. We created pins, mugs, and t-shirts utilizing the logo, which were given to all members. 

The team loved the logo and swag so much they asked us back for another project to create the Keep It Brewing t-shirt, which was used internally for a rebranding campaign. This logo symbolizes the need for sparking and continuing conversation around the African diaspora.

Leadership Experience 2019

For their leadership conference in Chicago, Starbucks had a large order, short timeframe, and wanted a high-quality product. So they reached out to Kurieo to produce 13,000 shirts with a partner-designed logo; one for every store manager in the US and Canada. The conference was a pivotal moment for the company as it signified a change in how they empower partners to positively impact their communities.

The logo was designed with two classic Starbucks mugs, one with a heart, one with a map.

© Kurieo 2020
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© Kurieo 2020
All Rights Reserved