Warrior Origins:
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The Golden State Warriors

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To honor 75 years as a basketball organization, the Golden State Warriors debuted their classic edition uniforms and court for the 2021-2022 season. The uniform pays homage to the original 1946 Philadelphia Warriors team and the jersey worn by the legendary Wilt Chamberlain when he scored 100 points for the Warriors. To celebrate 75 years of history, they wanted a kit that would pay tribute to the team from the Warriors’ origins to the present.

Kurieo curated a kit to celebrate the Warriors’ historical legacy. Crafted in a large, custom wood box, the kit featured a Warriors Origins jersey, a digital art frame in collaboration with WalkerTKL, a custom Polaroid camera, an enamel pin set, official Warriors Origins merch, and a custom boombox stereo. The kit has multiple references to the past and present by highlighting Wilt Chamberlain and Steph Curry –in the digital artwork, Wilt Chamberlain goes up for a rebound and dishes it to Steph Curry to splash a signature 3-point shot.

The kits
were sent to 5 TikTok influencers who posted to their platforms with a reach of 26M followers and 3M total views. The influencers were then invited to Rakuten’s Warriors Origins game night where they had a private suite to watch the game.